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Term Definition
ACTAdvanced Cellular Tracking, Satcom Technology Ltd
Advanced Fee Fraud

(Nigerian 419 fraud). Victims tricked into providing an up-front fee (and account information) to obtain larger cash reward which does not exist.

Algerian V

type of card trapping device


fixing of ATM to solid base such as the ground

Architecture Hacking

intrusion and compromise of the internal ATM system

ATDAnti-Theft Device -physical security system to prevent ram raid attacks
ATM Crime

attacks against ATMs either physical ATM attacks or ATM fraud

ATM Fraud

the use of an ATM to obtain something of value

ATM Funds Transfer

use of the ATM to transfer funds from one account to another

ATM jackpotcause cash to be dispensed without debiting account, often through manipulation, diagnostic compromise or black box attack
ATM Physical Attacks

gaining access to the cash or other valuable media within the ATM

ATM Safe

common name for the ATM Security Enclosure

ATM Security Enclosure

correct name for what is commonly known as the ATM safe


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