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Term Definition

Nigerian legal system designation of advanced fee fraud

ACTAdvanced Cellular Tracking, Satcom Technology Ltd
Advanced Fee Fraud

(Nigerian 419 fraud). Victims tricked into providing an up-front fee (and account information) to obtain larger cash reward which does not exist.

Algerian V

type of card trapping device


fixing of ATM to solid base such as the ground

Architecture Hacking

intrusion and compromise of the internal ATM system

ATDAnti-Theft Device -physical security system to prevent ram raid attacks
ATM Crime

attacks against ATMs either physical ATM attacks or ATM fraud

ATM Fraud

the use of an ATM to obtain something of value

ATM Funds Transfer

use of the ATM to transfer funds from one account to another

ATM jackpotcause cash to be dispensed without debiting account, often through manipulation, diagnostic compromise or black box attack
ATM Physical Attacks

gaining access to the cash or other valuable media within the ATM

ATM Safe

common name for the ATM Security Enclosure

ATM Security Enclosure

correct name for what is commonly known as the ATM safe

Black box attacksophisticated electonics used to compromise an atm
Card Cloningcounterfeit or encoded card often created from skimming or data compromise
Card Entry Slot Skimmers

skimming device located at the card reader entry slot

Card Skimming

copying of the cards magnetic stripe information

Card Swapping

exchange the genuine card for a fake card

Card Theft

physically obtaining the consumers card

Card Trapping

trap or jam the card in the ATM card entry slot

Cash In Transit

CIT, transporters of cash and other valuable media

Cash Trapping

cash trapped and prevented from reaching consumer


close circuit television, used for security and surveillance


Cash in Transit


category of card fraud including fake cards


use of tools such as rotary saw, blow torch, thermal lance

Data compromise

theft of information from network, processor or storage device

Denomination Fraudchange the accounting value of notes in the ATM
Deposit Fraud

manipulation and / or theft of media deposited

Deposit Trapping

trap or jam the deposit media

DFR Risk Management

consultancy services specialiizing in ATM fraud and security risk management

Distraction Techniques

cause consumer to lose concentration while at the ATM

Door Access Skimmers

skimming device located at the entry to the ATM location

Exit Flap Trapcard trapping device that allows card insertion but not card return
Explosive Attack

use of explosives normally to gain access to the safe

Explosive Gas Attack (ATM Gas Attack)

causing combustible gas to explode to gain access to the security enclosure

Explosive Non-Gas

use of solid explosive material to gain access to the safe

Fake Chequefraudulent cheque (check) with less or no financial value
False Deposit

deposit of less or no value in relation to that credited

False Front

packaging of devices to resemble part of the ATM

Fraudulent spenduse of compromised cards to obtain cash or goods, fraudulent transaction
Frontal Attackforced access to cash through dispsenser slot
Funds Transfer Fraud

use of an ATM to transfer funds from the victim\\\'s account to the perpetrator\\\'s account

Hand held skimmingSkimming device often held in hand
Helpful Strangerperpetrator prentending to assist the victim but with purpose of stealing
Honey Trapattractive person entices another to reveal information
IEDimprovised explosive device, homemade explosive
Infrastructure Hacking

intrusion and compromise of the ATM system environment

Keyboard Overlay

false key pad used to record PIN entry

Leaving transaction livetricking consumer to leave transaction active
Lebanese Loop

type of card trapping device

Manipulationinterfere, manipulate or trick the ATM, often the dispenser
Miniature Camera

small covert spy camera used to observe PIN entry

Network Hacking (Cracking)

intrusion and compromise of the ATM network

Ore Ore Sagi (Japanese)

Japanese phrase meaning \"It is me.\" - a type of ATM Funds Transfer fraud initiated by phone


one time password, often sent via SMS and used for online banking

Phantom withdrawalATM transaction disputed by both consumer and financial institution

use of fake e-mail and web sites to obtain information

Pigeon Dropcon trick, often exchanging something of no value for something of value

personal identification number

PIN Compromise

obtaining the non encrypted PIN


Dutch word used to describe ATM explosive gas attacks

Precision Attack

attack on security exclosure to gain access, often indicative of expert knowledge

Ram Raid

physically removing the ATM by force, often using a vehicle

Raminatorphysical security protection solution against ram raids designed by Lockit Systems of Australia
Shimminiature device placed between chip reader terminals and chip on card to skim data
Shoulder Surfing

observation of the PIN using close physical surveillance


copying the magnetic stripe data or magnetic stripe image of a card

Smsishing (Smishing)type of phishing using sms text messages
Social Engineering

use of sociological techniques to obtain information

Sofia Skimmer

miniature sophisticated skimming device

Solid Explosive

non-gas, non-liquid explosive material

Spy Camera

small covert camera used to observe PIN entry

Stuck key fraudkeyboard or fdk keys stuck down to prevent use, associated with leaving transaction live fraud
stuck touch screen fraudsimilar to stuck key fraud using tape directly attached to touch screen
Transaction Reversal Fraud

re-crediting amounts withdrawn to the account, often using atm manipulation

VishingType of Phishing using telephone
visual card compromiseobserve and record card data visible on card with intent to create cloned card

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