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Summer brings a host of major sporting events. Sometimes these are sponsored by the Financial Institutions or there are good reasons to associate the banking brand with a world renowned event. The attendances at these events are such that there is frequently a need to make cash available to the attending public. Acketts is pleased to support music, country and sporting events by carrying out temporary installations of cash machine facilities across the country. Two good examples are the Barclays Scottish Open Golf Championship and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

Acketts has carried out the installation of a Barclays cash machine in the tented village at the Barclays Scottish Open Golf Championship for 8 years. The installation is challenging. Held at Loch Lomond Golf Course the area for the ATM is an area of Special Scientific Interest and Outstanding Natural Beauty. Just a few feet from the Loch, the area can be boggy at best and thoroughly wet when it rains. Acketts have  developed a sustainable and environmentally friendly method of installation. The secure ATM pod has an access ramp to comply with Disability Discrimination Act requirements allowing everybody attending access to cash. Because of the boggy conditions steel levelling plates are provided to support and level the pod and ramp whilst great care is taken to cause minimum, and quickly recoverable, damage to the ground.

At Wimbledon Acketts install 2 ATMs for HSBC, via Project Managers Carillion, in a temporary secure room. The location is outside and immediately adjacent to Gate 1. Acketts has cast a permanent concrete base which will be used year after year to securely fix down the ATM and room. The room is positioned in an area that can be theoretically ram raided. Accordingly, and to meet HSBC Security's requirements, the ATM installation is protected by Acketts Anti-Theft Devices for maximum security  - no Acketts ATD has ever been successfully attacked.

Acketts Anti-Theft Devices have been subjected to a wide range of simulated ram raids to prove their performance. A DVD of these tests is available from




Caption to picture: The Barclays event pod at Loch Lomond Golf Course before being incorporated within the tented village area


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