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Acketts anti-theft device prevents ram raid
Wednesday, 17 June 2009 13:13

The Acketts Anti-Theft Device plinth (ATD) was put to the test recently when two ATMs at Nationwide's Small Heath, Birmingham, branch were attacked in the early hours on Friday 3rd April. The ATMs were ram raided using a large Manitou telescopic forklift, but, in spite of everything the attackers could throw at them, the machines remained firm.

The "would be" thieves firstly tried to lift out one of the ATMs by placing a strap around it and pulling with the use of the telescopic crane. When this was unsuccessful they tried to place the forks under the plinth and ATM in order to lever it out. This attempt was also completely unsuccessful and they fled the scene empty-handed.

The ATM was protected by the Acketts ATD which absorbed all the stresses generated during the attack, with the steel stretching and deviating as intended and designed for. "We are extremely impressed by the performance of the ATD" Darren Wilson, Nationwide Group Security.

The performance of the Acketts Anti-Theft Device was particularly impressive, because of the heavy machinery used in this attack. Manitou forklifts have lifting heights between 5 and 17 m, with lifting loads of up to 16tonnes at 10 metres.

This is not the first time that the Acketts ATD has prevented a ram raid at this branch, as ten years ago both ATMs were attacked with a skip lorry. The lorry was driven at the machines with some force, but the ATMs remained in place. The skip lorry became wedged against the machines and the attackers fled the scene when it became clear their attack had been thwarted.

Nationwide routinely install the Acketts ATD at their branches and, as a result none, of several attacks over the years, have been successful.

The incidence of ram raids has increased recently and The Birmingham Mail reported, on 3rd April, "it was the second time that ram raiders had smashed into a cashpoint machine in Birmingham in recent days". On that occasion the thieves were successful in removing the ATM and stripping it of cash. This ATM was not fitted to an Acketts ATD plinth. Police are investigating if the two incidents are linked.

Acketts Group have developed their own tests to demonstrate the expected performance of the Anti-Theft Device (ATD) to their Clients. A range of such tests was witnessed by the High Street Banks, Building Societies and their insurers.

Please send an email to to receive a DVD of these tests or view the Web site at for further information.




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