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ATM Fraud & Security Digest - January 2011 E-mail
Written by Douglas Russell   
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 15:52

Cash Trapping / Transaction Reversal Fraud / Denomination Fraud

There was an increase in reports of cash trapping during January, particularly in the UK.

ATM Skimming / Skimming / EFTPOS Compromise

Door access skimming was reported in January. The modus operandi involves placing a recording device inside the genuine door access swipe reader. In China, a suspect was sentenced to 10 years prison for installing a fake ATM which recorded victims' card and PIN details. ATM skimming incidents continued to be detected in the USA during January. In one incident, five Bulgarian nationals were charged and skimming equipment recovered from their hotel rooms. A Bulgarian national was also arrested in Ireland following ATM skimming devices being discovered by customs officers at Dublin airport. ATM skimming in Canada prompted a repeat warning to consumers to hide their PIN while using ATMs. An international operation resulted in the arrest of two Romanian nationals for fraud spend in Thailand. The cards had been compromised in the UK. In India, multiple incidents of card cloning were reported during January.

Card Trapping / Card Theft / Distraction / Card Swapping

A gang was found guilty of distraction theft in the UK. Its method involved spraying foul-smelling liquid on victims' clothing.

Phishing / Vishing / Smishing / Funds Transfer Fraud

Vishing attacks in January followed the common theme of advising that the victims card had been deactivated and required reactivation. In Thailand, combined vishing and ATM funds transfer fraud was reported. Phishing was widely detected.

Ram Raid Attacks / Theft of ATM / Smash-and-Grab

Nine hours of perseverance resulted in the theft of an ATM in the USA which had been anchored to the building. In contrast, an SUV and crowbar was used in another incident to remove an ATM in under one minute. A mobile hoist was used in a failed ram raid attempt in Northern Ireland (UK) in January. In Saudi Arabia, a pickup truck and rope were used in the theft of an ATM. In Australia, two suspects were injured when the vehicle's airbags deployed after crashing a jeep into an ATM that was anchored. The impact did not dislodge the ATM and their attempt failed.

Safe Cutting / Safe Breaking / Theft from ATM

A criminal who pleaded guilty to charges including the use of a thermal lance to cut open an ATM, was sentenced in the USA to 12 years prison. In another USA incident, a suspect failed to gain access to an ATM using a shovel. A burglar alarm interrupted the failed attempt to drill open an ATM safe in Malta. In India, a guard trusted with access codes for an ATM admitted theft of cash from the ATM. An internal attack in the USA by an ATM engineer (service technician) involved prestaged lock manipulation during servicing and then returning at a later time to access the ATM safe. In January the engineer was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay restitution.

Explosive Attacks

In Australia, explosive gas was used in a failed attempt to gain access to cash in an ATM. It is understood that the explosion set fire to the gas canister as well as the ATM. Explosive attacks in South Africa continued during January. In one reported incident, a quantity of partially burned cash was left at the scene although the remainder was stolen. An explosive attack was reported in Argentina.

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