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ATM Fraud and Security Digest - July 2012 E-mail
Written by Douglas Russell   
Friday, 24 August 2012 15:45

ATM Skimming / Skimming / EFTPOS Compromise

ATM skimming continued in most regions during July. In the US a suspect was found guilty and sentenced to five years detention for skimming. His modus operandi included recoding gift cards with ATM card data. In Trinidad & Tobago two suspects were charged and remanded in custody following a spate of ATM skimming incidents. In a UK incident, paper was used to block the card readers of two ATMs while a third was fitted with an ATM skimming device. Following an investigation, a Romanian national was deported back to Romania.

Card Trapping / Cash Trapping / Card Swapping / Leaving Transaction Live

As awareness amongst consumers, industry and law enforcement grew there was an increase in the number of card traps and external cash traps recovered in July. While external cash traps remained at a significant level, particularly in Europe, the number of internal cash trapping incidents increased significantly. In addition to the direct financial losses attributed to cash trapping, physical damage to ATMs targeted is an increasing concern to ATM owners. Romanian authorities disrupted an organized gang of 25 persons and attributed losses of 54 million Euros to their cash trapping activities. In a UK card trapping incident, ATMs near the location of an ATM fitted with a card trap had ‘out of order' notices attached to them thus directing victims to the targeted ATM.

Transaction Reversal Fraud / Cheque Fraud / Denomination Fraud / Funds Transfer

Transaction reversal fraud continued to be reported in July. In many instances the cards used to perpetrate the fraud were prepaid cards making identification of the perpetrator more difficult. Most attacks, particularly in Europe, were perpetrated using skilful manipulation of the ATM but there were also instances of cash retract being exploited in some countries including India. Incidents of cheque fraud and fake deposits in the US included a con trick where the victim is asked to help the perpetrator cash a cheque via the victims ATM account. The cheque is later found to be fraudulent.

Ram Raid Attacks / Theft of ATM / Smash-and-Grab

In a US incident, a front end loader and dump truck were used in the theft of an ATM. Two suspects were subsequently arrested. A stolen tow truck and chain was used in an Australian ram raid and theft attempt. The chain broke during the getaway and caused a three car accident. A tow truck was also used in a successful theft of an ATM in the US. Seven suspects were arrested in the Republic of Ireland following an extensive investigation into the theft of ATMs and construction equipment. The group had been known as "the hole-in-the-wall gang."

Safe Cutting / Safe Breaking / Theft from ATM

Extensive house-to-house enquiries by police in India resulted in the arrest of a suspect recorded on CCTV attempting theft from ATMs. The suspect had partially overcome the ATM locks using a screwdriver. Suspects attempting to pry open an ATM in Australia triggered an alarm and abandoned their attempted theft. An ATM which had been stolen in a ram raid in the US was recovered with the cash still secure inside. Numerous failed attempts had been made to breach the security enclosure.

Explosive Attacks

There was a re-emergence of explosive attacks in Australia during July. In one incident a suspect was seriously injured when he initiated the explosion. ATM bombings continued in South Africa.

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